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Child Sponsorship is a unique relationship between you and your sponsored child. When you become a Bethany  Child Sponsor, you will help a child break free from the clutches of poverty and gift the child a future full of hope. It is also a relationship that extends to the child's family and the community. For Rs.850/- a month, you can make an everlasting impact on the life of the child.








Name: Franklin Kara, age 6 years.He comes from a very poor background in Odisha state. He is studying 1st standard. Since his father is doing Godís work and he is not able to provide education to him, he admitted him in Bethany childrenís home. The child needs sponsor   Name: Ahuja Senapati, age: 4 years. He is studying LKG. This child is orphan and having no parents. Hence one of our pastor Porom Sagar brought him to our Hostel. Child needs the sponsor immediately.   Name: Nirupama Senapati, age: 10 years.  She comes from a very poor background in Odisha state. She is studying 4th standard.  Her father died when she was 4 years old.  Since her mother was not able to provide education to her,  she admitted her in Bethany childrenís home. The child needs sponsor.   Name: Rani Nayak, age: 13 years and she is from Odisha state.  She is studying 8th standard. The childís father is doing Lord's ministry and her mother is not alive. One of our Missionary Ruben brought her to our hostel. The child needs sponsor.











Name: Salvation Senapati, Age: 6 years. He comes from a very poor background in Odisha state. His parents admitted him in our hostel. He is studying 1st standard. His father is a labourer. The child needs sponsor.  

Name: Dilip Naik, age 11 years, Studying 5th boys has no father and mummy cannot do the work because of sick. One brother who is doing hard work and maintaining family. Boy wants to become doctor



Yakub Kanura Age 11th Studying in 1st father doing writ man in other state for his family. No capacity to give study this child. Boy wants to become teacher in his life.




Name: Sunemiya, Class-6 - Girl


Prince Tandi Age 8 Studying 1st very very poor no house live. Also no any Land for agriculture. Only do the labor work. 



Priti Tandi Age 7 years. She is semi orphan no mother. Father do hard work for his family. Studying 1st. Want to become nurse to serve others 



Libha Kumar, Age: 7 years. She comes from a very poor background. She is studying 1st standard. I met her father (who knew me) when I was traveling to Managua, she requested me to admit her in our Bethany Childrenís home. The childís father doing Lord's ministry. The child needs sponsor. She wants to become preacher.


Jakub Karuna Class-6 Boy

Aditiya Tandi, Class 4, Boy


Bishal Tandi, Class 10 Boy


Ester Jai, Class 2, Girl


Eswar,  Class 5, Boy





Junash Jai, Class 5, Boy


Malti Mahanand, Class BA, Girl


Muni Sagar, Class Plus 2, Girl


Nikita Sunanai , Class 5, Girl


Nirupama  Senapati , Class Plus 3, Girl


Puja Tandi, Class Plus 3, Girl


Rahul Tandi , Class Plus 3, Boy


Rosan Senapati , Class Plus 2, Boy


Rupeli Tandi , Class BSC Nursing, Girl


Sruti Tandi , Class 6, Girl


Tusar jagat, Class 4, Boy



When You Sponsor...  Your sponsorship enables the children to fulfill their life time necessities such as education, safe drinking water, basic healthcare, food, shelter and immunization against killer diseases.

If you wish to sponsor, you are most welcome to contact us and send your sacrificial contributions to our following account.

The Bank Details of Bethany Trust--


Beneficiary---Bethany Trust

Account Number--40178676668

Bank name...State bank of India

Swift Code-- SBININBB104

Purpose Code-- P1303

Address-FCRA Cell 4th floor,

State Bank of India, New Delhi main branch, 11, Sansad Marg

New Delhi- 110001