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August 2008 was proved to be a disastrous month for our dear brothers and sisters in India especially Christians throughout India.  In Odisha, many Christians were assaulted and persecuted violently by Hindu extremists. It is very hard to fathom that our very neighbors who we walk by and say Hello to everyday could one day try to kill us for no reason than for being a Christian. Anti-Christians violence in India’s Odisha state has left thousands homeless but there is HOPE on the horizon. Now, there is good possibility for peaceful coexistence between the majority Hindus and other religions in Odisha, an Indian state that has witnessed considerable aggression against the Christian Community.

Around 7000 homes were totally destroyed, hundreds of Christians were killed , more than 60000 people displaced and hundreds of church buildings were destroyed. Many people ran for their lives and are still hiding in forest areas. Due tot that situation, our brothers and sisters were in a state of uncertainty of returning home in the evenings to see their children in the evening. That is the activities of anti-Christian elements in Odisha.

Praise the Lord, now believers are beginning to return only to find their homes gutted by the fires set by the rampaging mobs. Bethany ministries, is committed to reconstruct the destroyed homes. I, Barun senapati, Director look unto God for the funds and I trust that many our brothers and sisters will be able to help us

Reconstruct a house is $ 2020…. Extremely cheap by our standards but a staggering amount for me. Fixing the homes is a crucial to the villages. They need protection not  just from those who seek to encroach their own lands, but from the elements and wild animals.

Along with fixing homes for the returning refugees, Bethany Ministries needs to replace 550 bicycles and 110 motorbikes that were either stolen or destroyed during the riots. This will enable our evangelists to travel many villages in Odisha state, to share the Gospel. Since towns and villages are situated in far off places, bicycles and motorbikes is essential for our missionaries to reach the many unreached areas and to accomplish the mission. Bicycles cost $90 each while the motorbikes are $1030 each.

 Despite the ongoing tension and fear of further persecution, Bethany Ministries sharing the Gospel and reaching out to the people with the Love of Jesus.

Pant and shirt for women as well as for the children’s of Bahrampur and Gopalpur. Also we gave some rice and try food to the effected peoples of Philin Cyclone 2013. Two of man Name Krusna Chandra and Gopal were unable to rebuild their house.