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 How can I help?

What is Child Sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is a commitment that will certainly raises the HOPE in the life of a needy child. Your valuable and sacrificial support will enable  a child to have access to education, healthcare and hygienic drinking water. Apart from that, your sponsored child will also have the opportunity for his/her own holistic development which leads them towards self sustainable livelihood. It is a relationship between you and your sponsored child, and his/her family and community. This relationship is aimed at giving a better life not only to the child but also to the whole family and the entire community.  Your valuable contribution brings cheers on the face of the child and make their life even more brighter than before. Your support can bridge the gap between a life of despair and the joy of a healthy happy childhood


What does a Child Sponsor do?

Bethany ministries sponsor provides a caring friendship to a desperate child in India and intervenes educational, physical, social and spiritual development of that child. **You will receive photographs and information about your child.

What does it cost to Sponsor a child?

$ 20.00 per month (U.S.)
The sponsorship amount for boys and girls in our orphanage who are at high risk is $40.00

How is the $20 used ?

Your sacrificial sponsorship entirely goes to your sponsored child for their care and education. Your contribution provides meals, education, clothing, and medical care as required, a secured place to live, teachers, and workers who model Christian living and give regular guidance in a Christian environment.

May I send money or gifts for my child's birthday?

Since some of the children in the Centre are still not sponsored, we feel that one child receiving a personal gift would cause needless confusion and hurt. We do encourage sponsors to send a general donation to the Bethany with which we can purchase a gift for all the children to use such as sports equipment, toys, games, or a special meal for all.
Am I the only sponsor for my child?

Yes, you are the only sponsor of your child. Hence we request you to stand firm in your commitment of sponsoring a child. Your contribution makes all the difference in the life of your child.

How long does my sponsorship continue?

You have the opportunity to continue sponsoring your child through grade School and right on into High School and even up to the College level for the same $20 per month.

What happens if my sponsored child leaves the program?

From time to time, we lose a child either through death, or a relative comes to claim the child or for other reasons beyond our control. When this happens, we will inform you as soon as we receive the information and ask you to extend that compassion to another needy child in the same home, if possible.

Can I sponsor more than one child ?

Yes. You can sponsor as many children as you wish. There are many children looking for sponsorship.

What happens if I must discontinue my sponsorship ?

We recognize that changes in circumstances may necessitate withdrawal of support. We request you to contact us immediately, and, we would highly appreciate if you let us know your decision of withdrawing your valuable sponsorship, well before atleast 5 to 6 months prior to your withdrawal.  Because this would help us to look for other sponsors who can continue to support the child.

Are there other ways I can help children through Bethany ministries?

Yes! You can send special monetary gifts for the general project, which  we will utilize it for administrative work such as maintenance or for the development of the Bethany Ministries. In addition, an emergency fund will help us with operational costs when sponsors drop out of the program without intimation or communicating to us.

May I correspond with my child ?

Yes, you are most welcome to correspond to your child.  Sponsors are encouraged to send cards and/or personal letters to their child, which will be translated in native language and communicate to your child. (This process takes several weeks.)


Can I visit my sponsored child?


Yes. You are most welcome to visit your child and meet the whole family. A visit means you can also see how much the people benefitted through your valuable and sacrificial support. A visit also makes your sponsorship more meaningful to you as well as your sponsored child.

To whom should I address the letters and cards I send to my sponsored child ?


All communications to your child should be addressed to: -

The Manager,

Bethany Children Home
Post Box-17, BCH Campus

RMC Road, Kesinga
Dist., Kalahandi, Orissa-766012, INDIA